Roy Mercer is a fourth generation Victorian who has been interested in art and music since his childhood. Art has been his chosen profession for the past fifty+years and music is still very much another creative outlet as a hobby.

Roy was a student of Allan Edwards from 1961-1963 at the Art League of Victoria majoring in Industrial Design. While there, he was taught watercolour techniques by Allan who was a master of the medium.

Roy attended a four year art program at The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles between 1963-1967. He majored in Industrial Design and minored in Graphic Design. After graduation, he worked in Los Angeles for two years as a package designer and then moved to Vancouver to work for ten years in various art agencies as a graphic artist. In 1979, Roy moved back to Victoria and worked for Alston Graphics and TTC, two design agencies in Victoria.

Roy has been freelancing as a graphic designer and architectural illustrator since 1984 with his company, New Moon Design. New Moon Design has since closed its doors in 2006 but he still manages to takes on small projects like pet portraits for example. In 2005, he moved back to Oak Bay, where he spent his childhood years. 

In 1983 Roy put together his first one man show. He has been involved in many more over the past 31 years.

Over the last seven years, Roy has been concentrating on commissioned pet/animal portraits. His love for animals shows up in his paintings, and with his wonderful ability, captures the intelligence and beauty of these lovely creatures.

Roy has also been producing a new series/technique of black and white or duotone prints he is calling his 'Buddha Series'. This involves four separate processes: a Buddha board / a camera / a computer and a printer for the final image. Much fun!

Many of his other paintings contain humour and a slightly tongue-in-cheek attitude with a hint of erotica and wonderful catchy titles that make us look at ourselves in a way no other species on the planet can appreciate.

Roy can be contacted at for more information on prices, sizes and medium.